Mr. David W Madill, M.D

Chairman of the Audit Committee

Dr. Madill 30 years experience in the mining industry, particularly in its financing and development. He is a director, and Chairman of the board of the successful, privately owned mining investment company, Fundamental Resources Corp. He has an M.D. degree from Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.

Glen Nursey

Member of the Audit Committee

Mr. Nursey is an entrepreneur and investor, who lives in Victoria, British Columbia.

V-Bond Lee

Member of the Audit Committee

V-Bond is a Professional Engineer with 30+ years of leading edge product development and engineering management. He has successfully developed and commercialized new ground breaking methods and technologies for various companies; including BionX International (VP of Engineering & CTO), Sumitomo Precision Products (Director of Engineering), United Technologies Aerospace Systems (Project Head of Business Aircraft), General Electric (Director of Engineering), and Magna International (Engineering Manager). V-Bond is currently AMP President and Founder.