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Under the leadership of myself, V-Bond Lee and Dr. Zhongwei Chen, Saint Jean Carbon continues to transition into an industry leading carbon sciences and battery technology company. Our products and services, which have traditionally catered to the mining industry, will continue to expand into new end use product offerings involving carbon and battery engineering which will be unique to Canada.

Adding Solid Ultrabattery Inc, as a wholly owned subsidiary, was a strategic move toward entry into the development of next generation state of the art battery technologies, where advancements in power to weight ratio, safety and performance will result in mass adaptation. Having Dr. Zhongwei Chen on our board ensures a vision and technology roadmap that can foster successful development and commercialization of academic breakthroughs in solid electrolyte batteries with high safety and high energy density. Dr. Chen is a recognized world leader in battery technology and has spent more than 7 years developing a solid state battery at the leading edge of this innovation. He has developed advanced rechargeable energy storage systems which have demonstrated great potential for what may well prove to be the next generation of batteries beyond the present lithium-ion battery.

Our company has begun to design and build prototype batteries for initial testing and has plans to set up a battery production facility to further develop this technology into viable products. We are actively searching for projects which can use our batteries in real world applications. We are getting close to that goal.
As the world moves towards a carbon neutral future, the use of synthetic graphite continues to strain our environment with its large carbon footprint to manufacture it from petroleum and coal by-products. The energy consumption and CO2 emissions generated from these processes are substantial in fabrication of synthetic graphite requiring up to 3000 degrees Celsius for an extended duration to transition these petroleum by-products into graphite. As an alternative, Saint Jean offers an air classification technology which will enable purification of natural graphite at a tiny fraction of the energy consumption as compared with synthetic graphite.

As the mining industry begins to bring several natural ore bodies of graphite online to meet the needs of industry, the interest and availability in natural graphite will greatly increase. Our offtake agreement with Ameca Mining coupled with the great potential of our unique air classification technology well positions Saint Jean Carbon in the supply chain and processing of high quality natural graphite.

On behalf of all our present and future shareholders, I would like to invite you to stay in touch with our new team and witness the development of these exciting innovations and advancements in leading technologies.

William (Bill) Pfaffenberger
Chief Executive Officer

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The company is pleased to announce the completion of the prototype battery assembly line equipment and subsequent CSA certification by an overseas vendor. The assembly line is complete and the construction of pouch cell batteries is taking place. These batteries will then be tested on site and the results released in due course. Further details, including pictures of the facility and equipment can be found at Solid Ultrabattery Inc.

Research and Development Facility

The R&D facility is designed to prepare commercial samples and production runs of any raw materials that use floatation in the milling procedure. The main reason for the facility is the upgrading to high tech applications as example lithium-ion battery anodes, solar panel cells, etc.

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Air Classifier

Saint Jean Carbon is developing new and proprietary air classification systems for separating out large-flake graphite, leveraging the difference in the aerodynamic properties of the flake graphite and the denser, more spherical surrounding material.
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Anode Material

Saint Jean can supply small volumes of both finished and semi prepared anode material in a variety of packaging.
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