Plant Based Engineered Watering System

Controlled Filtration and CVD Water Management System

Saint Jean has filed a patent based on a number of research projects over the past three years. The Patent details the application of engineered water management for the control of specific minerals/nutrients. That maybe added delated or modified to enhance the plants growth and ultimately create a duplicable product on each growth cycle.

The system works firstly; on a three tank system with expanded graphite and graphene that filter the water to a very pure state

The purification can be enhanced by doping the graphite or graphene to create specific attributes to the water. Secondarily; the system allows for adding minerals/nutrients (example; nitrogen, phosphates, iron etc.) at an atomic level through chemical vapour disposition (CVD), back into the water for direct delivery to the plant. The system design plans for complete recovery of the unused water and full recycling.

The main benefit envisioned is to try and achieve better control variables in the THC and CBD production; this may create a more stable medical application product for the end user the patient. Recreating a consistent water source with a balanced light and oxygen source could lead to more stable growth and regrowth. Previously announced in press release dated November 13, 2018