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CEOs Message

Under my leadership, Saint Jean Carbon will continue to transition into an
industry leading carbon sciences company. Our products and services which have
traditionally catered to the mining industry will continue to expand into new
product offerings involving carbon engineering which will be unique to Canada.
We now have a significant offtake agreement with Ameca Ltd, which we believe
will greatly impact our earnings multiple moving forward.
Several years ago, we completed a state-of-the-art pilot plant for research and
development in Oakville, Ontario. We have now tested production methods to
prove the efficiency of client’s processes, including Ameca Ltd, to produce not
only high-grade graphite, but also spherically shaped graphite. Our pilot plant is
capable of developing the processes to make battery anodes for our customers to
scale up into production. We will continue to expand the capabilities of this
operation in the future.
Our collaborative research with several academic partners will continue to find
innovative uses for graphene produced from our graphite.
On behalf of all our present and future shareholders, I would like to invite you to
stay in touch with our new team and witness the developments in the exciting
future of graphite and graphene.

William (Bill) Pfaffenberger


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