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As Saint Jean Carbon moves into a new year, we are more convinced than ever that our ownership of key natural graphite resources will remain a critical support structure for our rapidly emerging technology plans. The leading edge of those plans includes the commercial-scale production of value-added downstream products in the emerging graphene sector. This vertical integration strategy will be both a competitive advantage and a key differentiator for the Company as we continue developing a series of new technology applications that we hope will revolutionize commercial graphene production.

As far back as 2007 members of the Saint Jean team were engaged in research regarding technology applications for graphite in lithium-ion batteries. Now nearly ten years later we are confident that we can apply this collective knowledge and experience in conjunction with advanced research facilities to create new propriety processes in the low cost, rapid, and continuous production of graphene. This could open the door to vast global markets and long-term revenues for Saint Jean. To that end our team has also held extensive discussions with numerous large companies around the world trying to gain a foothold in this growing sector. Contact has also included highly experienced technical and market advisors, key mid-market producers, end customers, research facilities, and representatives at numerous energy storage and collection conferences. We believe that our persistence and patience in continuously assessing these graphene opportunities has positioned us extremely well as we have sought out advanced technologies and equally effective strategies for bringing them to market. We now believe those efforts may begin to pay off in the months ahead.

It is no secret that graphene is widely believed to have the potential to change the world as we know it. The possible applications are too numerous to mention, but critical breakthroughs in the fields of energy collection and storage hold incredible promise, and as such have also been the focus of our expanded research efforts. At Saint Jean we feel this is a logical, natural step forward and are genuinely excited with the multiple new pathways opening before us. We therefore encourage all of our shareholders to stay in touch with us as we continue our efforts to build an outstanding company in the field of carbon material technologies. As that vision encompasses graphene applications in energy collection and storage, we will be using both our own natural graphite sources, as well as incredibly innovative process designs that could revolutionize graphene production. Although we are just beginning this new leg of our journey, we hope you’ll stick with us as we head into what could be a very exciting year!

Paul Ogilvie
Chief Executive Officer




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